The Very Best Youtube Meltdowns

We all know that youtube is a playground for every weirdo with a camera to share their opinions, and we love it. So, to celebrate all the weird and wonderful youtubers that brighten up our morning coffee breaks we have compiled a list of the best youtube meltdowns. Enjoy!

  1. Gingers Have Souls!

    Or do they?
  2. How Could You Kristen?!

    Mega Twilight fan screaming at the camera- just brilliant.
  3. David After Dentist.

    7 year old + morphine= hilarious
  4. Leave Britney Alone!

    He has a lot of feelings…
  5. Kristen Bell’s Sloth Meltdown.

    Who likes Sloths that much?
  6. Justin Bieber’s New Girlfriend.

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