Summer Picnic

The Sun is out, the Flowers are blooming, and you are heading out for a Picnic…but what to wear?  The Fifties style is great for such an occasion as it has the sexy, yet wholesome feel which is perfect for when you are lounging in the Sun. Going vintage has been at the forefront of fashion for many years now, and the Fifties style has that retro edge which is particularly sought after. Which is why I would wear this Fifties style outfit, but with a modern twist to make it slightly more wearable.

Fifties style originates in Dior’s designs, in which he created outfits following an A or Y line. This outfit would naturally follow the typical Y shape, straight down and out at the Shoulders; however instead of going out at the Shoulders, which isn’t necessarily in Fashion at this moment in time, I would wear this lacy White top as a modern alternative, bringing the Fifties and the Tens together. Both the Shorts and flared top take you in at the waist and out at the hip, producing a perfect hourglass shape; essentially achieving what the Fifties style is aiming for: flattering all Women’s curves.

These retro Cat eye Sunglasses reiterate on the Fifties trend, worn by such leading Ladies as Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn, while the leopard print of the glasses and the large Sunhat maintain the modern twist to the look. Further to this, a pair of Rope wedge Heels are a perfect modern Heel for a Picnic on the Grass. Therefore, while this look is based around the glamorous Fifties style, it also has many modern elements which make it very wearable and on trend. With a swipe of your favourite red lipstick, you are ready for that Picnic in the Park.

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