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Kay asks our experts. . .

‘I have a wedding in Oct, in Glasgow, and I have bought this dress, which I love, but now temps are falling I have no idea what I should wear on my legs (are bare legs appropriate?) and what I can wear to cover my arms in case it’s a cold day, I don’t really want to wear a coat. TIA”

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Victoria answers. .  .

“Thanks for getting in touch Kay.  Firstly that dress is gorgeous and the cobalt blue colour is right on trend.  You are right to consider the cold element of October but don’t worry lots of solutions are available to you.  Firstly you can make like Kate Middleton and invest in some nude coloured tights which will keep you warm and keep your legs looking good.  The key to wearing these tights is to match them to your skin tone, don’t be tempted to go for a deeper shade, and to avoid wearing open toe shoes because they reveal your tight secret.

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You also have the option to wear black tights though generally they don’t work as well with a strapless dress because it relies on some skin on the bottom half to balance the look out.  Nevertheless if you are to invest in a black pashmina for your top half you will succeed in keeping warm in the October temps as well as balancing out the black tights on the bottom against the black.

In terms of cover ups for your top half, as I said above a pashmina is a great way to do this and they come in a range of colours.  If you opt for the nude colour tights than you have more options when it comes to shoes and pashmina (ideally the two should match).  A great contrast against the cobalt blue would be a bright fuschia or a spicy mustard.

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There are so many ways to wear pashmina, for inspiration click here.

Hope this helps you, Kay, and thanks for getting in touch.

Love Victoria X”

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