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Kay asks. . . .

“I am 8wks pregnant with my first child and I am very small and slim so I am already showing A LOT. We really don’t want to tell anyone until 12wks so I would really appreciate some tips on how to hide my growing bump (without wearing baggy t-shirts or jumpers all day). PLEASE ASK YOUR FOLLOWERS AND EXPERTS FOR HELP!! I NEED IT”

Victoria answers. . .

“Congratulations, what a special time.  We understand that you want to keep it all secret now and luckily we are currently in AW when everyone (not just the newly pregnant) will be layering.  Think chunky knit long cardigans, loose t-shirts and oversized scarves.  This is all perfectly on trend right now and will succeed in hiding a bump perfectly.  Remember any details on the face and neck will bring attention away from your stomach so statement necklaces and scarves are necessities right now.

When it’s time to make your news official and invest in some new clothing you might find the below guide helpful.

Being pregnant and staying fashionable is easier now than ever before since big retailers are finally listening to the demands of pregnant women and providing high fashion clothing that accommodates a bump.


1)    Horizontal stripes are a must.

Pre pregnancy you probably stayed away from them, fearing their ability to make you look wider but during pregnancy they have the wonderful ability to flatter any bump shape. If you aren’t all bump and have also developed something of a muffin top make sure to seek out looser fitting tops or something with a built in side drawstring that can let down as you bump grows but that also hides any side sins or invest in really good pregnancy trousers that hold everything in, but more of that below.

2)    Everyone needs a pretty maternity dress.

Pregnancy can be a time of highs and lows, days of acceptance of changing body shape and days of absolute frustration that everything makes you look ‘’fat and ugly’’.  It’s because of this that your wardrobe has to include one girly dress that makes you feel good. Something that covers the arms (which can be prone to weight gain) and doesn’t show off the new ample cleavage (unless you want to). Most importantly it has to flare out from the very top of the bump, adding a belt at this point will show some waist definition.  Don’t be tempted to just buy a bigger dress, this will simply ride at the front and appear shorter than it does at the back – a good maternity dress is an investment in your self-esteem!

3)    Maternity trousers!

Only you know your changing shape; many women only need a maternity waistband because their thighs and bottom shape stay the same (lucky them).  Some women, who previously, rocked a skinny jean will suddenly find that even their knees seems bigger and skinnies are no longer possible.  If this is the case consider swapping your skinny to a straight leg, which will still appear very slim against your growing bumpage.  Try before you buy and decide if an elasticated waistband works best for you or if you find more comfort in something that goes right over the bumpage. There are so many options available.

4)    Maternity tights are a must.

Remember how difficult it is to get tights to stay in position pre pregnant?  Multiply that by 10 when that bump comes along and there is nothing more uncomfortable than a waistband digging right across your baby’s home.  They are not expensive and ready available and probably the most comfortable tights you will ever wear in your life. And no you cannot wear them post birth, I know because I tried and they fell down.

Congratulations again Kay and we wish you a smooth 7 months”

Love Victoria and the Dress Spy Team.


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