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Fiona, from London, asks. . .

“I gave birth 6 months to a gorgeous baby girl and while I am happy being a mum I feel I have lost all confidence in what I wear.  It is not helped by the fact that I am on maternity leave and have no reasons to really dress up.  My husband and I have been invited to my cousin’s wedding and my mother in law has agreed to look after my daughter.  It’s my one chance to really dress up, remind myself, and my husband, of how good I can look.  My only problem is I don’t really know what my new style is.  I don’t want anything clingy around the stomach or too short.  I would love people to think ‘’wow doesn’t she look good’’.  I am between a size 10 and 12 (was a 10 before pregnancy) but really don’t want anything clingy.  I do hope you can help”.

Sarah J responds. . .

“Hi Fiona, congratulations on the birth of your baby girl.  I can imagine it’s a wonderful time but it’s also important to get a bit of you back now and again.  Don’t worry to dress up and look good doesn’t always mean tight and clinging, there are lots of options available to you to help give you confidence in your new, post baby, figure. I hope you find something you like and can create that ‘’wow’’ factor you want.

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I have suggested six different kinds of dresses that all draw the emphasis away from the stomach or support the stomach and hold it in so you can be totally confident in how you look.  The first dress (top left) is structured around the stomach and the nicely flares out at the hip.  This colour is perfectly pretty for summer.

The second dress (top middle) is loose fitting at the waist and has a nice cross over effect, which will hide any possible pot belly (not that you have one).  It has a nice V-neck line, which will draw attention up top.  The fabric is loose fitting and not to clingy. This colour is really chic with black so team with black heels and bag.

The third dress (top right) is our vintage number.  Usually I would advise to steer away from white, for a wedding, but this all over print stops it being ‘’a white dress’’.  The shape is tea dress and it flares out helping balance top and bottom and making your waist look even smaller.  If you want emphasise the flare of this dress you can add a netted under skirt in black.

Perhaps you feel more confident in long dresses because they are not only chic but hide a multiple of sins.  In which case we offer two maxi dress proposals.  One is a long summary purple number with an all over print.  This dress has some waist definition in the form of a ribbon but its not too waist clinching.  The good thing about a busy all over print like this is all attention is on the dress; it’s a bold statement and one that everyone will admire.

Our second maxi dress is a gorgeous silver number.  The wonderful thing about this, which you can’t see in the photo, is that is backless.  This means that attention is taking away from the stomach and put right on the back.  What a gorgeous way to make a statement.

Our last dress is in a liberty print, which is very on trend.  We have selected this as it has a very structured neck and shoulder line.  This means that all top proportions are nice and the stomach is held in and balanced out by the A line kick of the dress”.

To get these looks please click here.  I do hope you find some inspiration Fiona!

Love Sarah J X

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