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Helen from Warwickshire asks our experts. . .

“Hi Dress Spy. I work in Warwickshire in a branch of a large accountancy firm. At the end of August I have been invited to a cocktail party at our head office in London. I really want to make a good impression so I would be grateful for some ideas about what I could wear. Our office group will probably go to eat after the party, so I need shoes that will be wearable for 5-6 hours. I am 5’ 6” with blonde highlights and I usually choose bold and/or sparkly clothes.”

Victoria, fahsion buyer, responds. . .

“Thanks for getting in touch Helen.  Your cocktail party sounds like lots of fun.  Firstly I have created a look for you that maybe goes against what you usually wear!  When you say bold I assume you are used to tailored, one colour, dressing at the office so I stayed away from this for this occasion where I am sure you want everyone to say ”wow”.  I have played on the fact that you like sparkly clothes and suggested something very feminine and girly.  Dusky shades are going to be very big for AW13 so with this dress, worn in August, you have something that transitions perfectly between two seasons.  It’s a very girly dress but still grown up and chic.  I know shoes were a big consideration for you so I have suggested a heel which is quite sturdy and should be comfortable on the ball of your feet.  Of course a great way to get through the night is to pack ballerinas in your bag should you need them later.  You can view this look here“.

Screen shot 2013-07-29 at 16.13.48“If you prefer to really go towards your love of sparkle then a great way to do this is to break it up, bring the sparkle to one item only.  In this look I have kept the sparkle on the dress  - which means toned down, black, shoes and accessories.  I would advise keeping your hair up to let the dress to the talking and make up with a focus on the eyes rather than lips because the tone of the dress is quite hard to match – think long lashes and clear gloss lips.  I added a pashmina for those cool summer nights as a jacket would just spoil this look. You can see this look here

Screen shot 2013-07-29 at 16.34.33

“The third look plays on your love of all things bold but with a twist!  Floral prints are big for summer and don’t be put off by the fact that you are petite – prints can look great on you if you keep them to three colours max.  Because this dress will go below your knee be sure to wear a heel and add some party shoes inserts for comfort.  Keep your hair up to really show off this dress and accessorie with earrings only, any more and it will look too busy.  To view this look click here

Screen shot 2013-07-29 at 16.41.52

Helen, we really hope you have found a look that you love.  Do let us know which is your favourite and enjoy your night out!

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